TDF Software Training

We offer two types of training for TDF Software clients.

1.Online training

2.Personal training

Apart from this, We also offer "Trade with Master" option.

Online training:

Online training is free to all clients who subscribe to T.D.F.Software.

Online training will be given through teamviewer .This training will take around 1 hour time.

Online training will be enough to learn the total trading system.

Personal training

You can take personal training  directly from the developer of software.
This training will be given  from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm ( IST) in live markets.

You will learn the total trading system and special tips and tricks
of T.D.F.Software in this training program.
Personal training will make you a perfect trader because you are going to     learn it directly from the developer of the software.
 Charges for personal training   : Rs.20,000/- for 1 day.

( Inclusive of lunch , snacks etc)( Only one person is allowed)

( You are advised to come with your laptop.It is  cumpulsory.)

Payment should be done atleast 3 days before the training date.
For more details, pls chat with our support team in the website.

Trade with Master:

"Trade with Master" is introduced after lot of requests from traders.

 In this plan, you are allowed to sit and trade along with the developer of TDF software or take calls directly from the developer.

You need to have minimum capital of Rs.10 lakhs to receive direct calls. If you have more than Rs.25 lakhs capital , you can directly sit with developer and trade.

You need not be a subscriber of TDF Software to use this plan.
You just have to follow the trades .
 No need to understand software and trading system.
Requirements and conditions for "Trade with Master" plan.

       #    You need to pay Non refundable registration fee of Rs.25,000/-.
       #    We charge 50% of the profits generated in your account as our fee.
       #    Intraday trading and short term trading will be done in  your accounts.
       #    You must bring laptop along with you.
       #    Trading will be done in NSE,MCX and NCDEX.
       #    Trading timings are from 9 am - 3:30 pm.
       #    If any MCX position is in holding after 3:30 pm, advice will  be provided through phone/sms.
       #    Only one person is allowed per account.
       #    Lunch/snacks etc are provided by us.




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