We offer two types of training for all clients.

1.Normal training

2.Special training

Apart from this, We also offer "Trade with Master" option.

Normal training:

Normal training is free to all clients who subscribe to TDF Software, TDF X1 system and TDF supertrend system. 

Online training will be given through teamviewer or anydesk.This training will take around 1 hour time.

Online training will be enough to learn the total trading system.

Special training:

Special training programs are designed to transform average trader to a professional and perfect trader in all segments like stocks, commodities, Forex and cryptos.

Special training is given directly by the developer of  TDFsoftware, TDF X1 system and TDF Supertrend system.This training will be given in live markets.

Special training programs are provided in the following segments.

1.  Futures trading - Intraday and swing trading

3.  Intraday Options trading - Buy side and sell side

3.  Positional Options trading - Buy side and sell side

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Subscribe to Livetradz youtube channel and get free access to Live trading webinars of Indian markets, and Forex markets from

All videos will come with useful trading strategies and profitable setups which will be useful both for day trading and swing trading in all world markets.

Checkout special training programs for futures and options segments from

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