TDF X2 System

TDF X2 trading system is provided in mt4 platform. It is specially made for Banknifty and Nifty options to catch fast momentum changes.

But X2 system is being used by many traders in stocks, commodities, forex and cryptos to catch fast momentum signals. 

Though it is not complete trading system like TDF X1 System, it makes money if you understand "confirmtion concept" explained in training videos.

X2 system comes with only one signal. So, there are not many rules in this and there is no confusion in entry, stoploss and exit. Watch the following videos for more info.

X2 Training video - English

 X2 Training video - Hindi

 X2 Training video - Telugu

X2 Clarifications video - English

 X2 clarifications video - Hindi

 X2 clarifications video - Telugu

Latest videos based on TDF X1 and X2 Systems

Watch the following training videos on TDF X1 System and TDF X2 Systems.

All training videos are provided in English, Hindi and Telugu.

Developing a trading system is not so easy. It took 4 years for us to develop X1 System.

So, watch all videos with patience to understand all points.

X1 System Training videos

 Training videos - English

 Training videos - Telugu

2(3)2 Strategy for X1 System

Investing with TDF Zones

Hindi videos (Nse & Mcx) live trading

X2 System Training videos

 Training videos - Hindi

 Lessons from charts

Gap trading strategies

Trading psychology and Discipline

Telugu videos (Nse & Mcx)

Forex and cryptos live trading

Screenshots of TDF X1 system in  major world markets.



































Old Screensots of TDF X1 system without X1 Boxes and TDF Zones:

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