Most probable questions related to TDF Tips are answered below. Please chat with our team for any other questions. You can also call us or mail us.

What is TDF tips?
TDF tips are live intraday and positional trading signals sent directly to client’s mobile as when any signal is generated in TDF Software. All tips are generated as per the technical analysis . It is not based on any fundamental analysis. We do not give any advisory services. We just pass the trading signals generataed in TDF software .  

How these TDF tips are generated?
TDF tips are generated by TDF software. TDF software generates buy and sell signals based on our custom indicators adn expert advisers. 

For which markets will you send tips?
At present, we are providing TDF tips service for Forex markets, U.S. ,U.K, Germany, France and brazil markets. For Indian markets, we do not provide tips. But there is a live trading room facility fron TDFINCORP through which you can see live trades based on the signals of TDF Software.

Will there be any delay in sms messages? Will i have enough time to enter the orders?
Sms messages are delivered by our dedicated server. So, there will be no delay. We do not buy and sell at market rates.
All our orders will be buy stop and sell stop orders. So, you will have enough time to enter the orders. 

What is the accuracy of TDF tips.?
Accuracy of TDF tips is 99% as we use DSL and MSL strategies to cover the loss . please read TDF Manual to understand total trading system. 

What is the format of the sms messages?
SMS formats will be as follows. : Buy xyz fut trigger price 450.50 limit price 451 . Stoploss with double qty at trigger 442.50 limit 442.
TARGETS : 475-500. : Modify stoploss in xyz to triiger 445.50 limit 445. : Book profit in xyz at cmp 460. 

What are the payment methods.?
Many payment options are available like credit cards/ debit cards/netbanking/cheque /cash deposit/wire transfer /western union etc.
Please visit subscription page for more details and to make payment. 

How much time will you take to activate my service?
Installations and activation will be done within 15 minutes.

What to do after payment?
If you made payment through payment link or paypal, you will get mail from us regarding the activation within 15 minutes.
If you made payment by other methods like cash/cheque/western union etc, pls chat with our team for activation of services. 
Can I get refund of my payment?
Any payment made to us is non-refundable and non adjustable.
Please visit terms of use and make payment only after reading all points.