TDF Software FAQ

Most probable questions related to TDF software are answered below. Please chat with our team for any other questions. You can also call us or mail us.

What is TDF software?
TDF Software is a technical analysis software built in with our proprietory trading system and indicators. It gives more than 90% accurate buy and sell signals in stocks, commodities and Forex markets if you use DSL and MSL strategies. You can do day trading and also positional trading with our signals with same accuracy.

There are many technical analysis softwares in the market. Why should I buy TDF software?.
Yes. There are many technical analysis softwares in the market. But 90% of these softwares will only plot just charts without any buy and sell signals. You have to understand technical analysis indicators and write your own formulas to generate buy and sell signals.Some other softwares will also come with buy and sell signals but the accuracy is almost less than 50%.

So, the speciality of TDF system is its built in trading system which works in all markets and in all time frames and gives you highest accuracy than any other trading system in the market. Infact, you will get 99% accuracy ,if you use DSL and MSL strategies. Another speciality of TDF software is multiple time frame auto scanners.

What is the use of scanners?.
TDF softwre is programmed with multiple time frame automatic scanners. Once you start a scanner, it will continuously scan the market in the background for every new tick and whenever new signal is generated in any stock, scanner will show you results in scanner window. So, you
need not open each and every chart and look for signals every minute. You just have to open the chart from scanner window, whenever scanner shows you that some signal is generated.

One more important feature is , you can set the scanners to scan any time frame of your choice. It can be 1min, 2 min,5 min, 10 min,30 min,
60 min , 2 hour ,3 hour, daily weekly , monthly etc , .or odd time frames like 25 min, 35 min, 55 min etc.

In other softwares , scanners are not available or even if they are avialble , they have to be manulaly started everytime you want to see the scanner results. but in TDF software, just start the scanners once in the morning and scannrs will continuously scan in backgound.

There is no limit in mumber of stocks to be scanned. 

How to trade your signals? Will you provide any training?
Total trading system is explained in TDF Manual. Please read TDF manual to understand total trading system.
Manual explains all the rules entry , stoploss and exit very clearly. 

 Online training will be given to all clients after installation. Online training is fee.
Personal training option is available for a charge of Rs.20000.( 300$). Please visist training page for more details.

Which markets can I trade with TDF software?

You can trade any market in the world like stocks, commodities and Forex. TDF software generates buy and sell signals based on the data feed
that you connect to software. It works on barchart data ,metastock format data and amobroker format data feeds.

Bar chat data api is preintegrated in TDF software. With this barcahrt data api, you can get realtime of more than 40 major exchanges including Forex, U.S., Canada, Brazil, Gemany, France, Nymex,Comex etc.. Please click the following link and check list of exchanges and pricing .

Apart from this, many data vendors provide reamtime and hostorical data in metastock format and amobroker formats.
Please chat with our team to know about compatible data vendors of your country and pricing of data feeds. 

What is the meaning of data feed and time frames?.

All exchanges in the world record price movements like high,low, close, open , volume etc. for every tick and sell the data to datavendors.
These data vendors sell data to traders who use that data to generate buy and sell signals based on previous price movements.
TDF software uses this realtime and historical data feeds to generate buy and sell signals.

Time frame is nothing but the duration of each candles on the chart. If the chart is 5 min time frame, it means it is displaying the price movements for every 5 minutes. If it is daily chart, it means it isdsplaying the data of every day.
You can see intraday charts and also daily, weekly charts in TDF software.

Which time frame is best for scalping and daytrading?.
For scalping, use 1 min, 2 min, 5 min . For day trading, we suggest to use 5 min and 10 min charts, Above 15 min is for swing trading and positional trading. 

What are the indicators and expert advisors used in your trading system? Can I edit your indicators and expert advisor?
 We have programmed our custom indicators and expert advisors like TDF index, TDF oscillator , TDF oscillator A, TDF oscillator B and expert advisors like special signals , TDF signals, Options signals, failure manger etc. You cannot edit custom indicators and expert advisors.

How many indicators are available in TDF software?
More than 100 indicators are available in TDF software which include all standard indicators like Macx, Rsi, Stochastics, regression,
bollinger bands etc. it has all standard functions like trendlines, channels, fibonacci etc. 

Can I write my own formulas and run scanners for my formulas?
Yes. you can write your own formuals with easy to use tradescript language and run scanners for your formulas. We will assist you in writing formulas as per your trading system.

Will it be installed on my system or is it browser based?.
TDF software will be installed in your system. It is not browser based. 

Does it require any other softwares? What is the configuration required?.
Any normal pc or laptop will be enough. But we recommend to have RAM of 2 GB or more.It works on all version of windows.
It also works on mac systems also if there is windows partition. 

What is the pricing TDF software?. How can i buy this?
TDF software professional version is Rs.20,000 ( $300 ) per month.
You can make payment through many options like credit card, debit card, netbanking, cash, cheque etc.
Please visit subscription page for more details . 

How much time will it take for installtion?.
Installation will take 15 min . time. Our chat team will install software through teamviwer or other remore help applications.
You can also install yourself with help files.
If you have any more questions, use the following options to contact us.  

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