TDF Software FAQ

Most probable questions related to TDF software are answered below. Please chat with our team for any other questions. You can also call us or mail us.


What is TDF software?

There are many technical analysis softwares in the market. Why should I buy TDF software?.

What is the use of scanners?.

How to trade your signals? Will you provide any training?

Which markets can I trade with TDF software?

What is the meaning of data feed and time frames?.

Which time frame is best for scalping and daytrading?.

What are the indicators and expert advisors used in your trading system? Can I edit your indicators and expert advisor?

How many indicators are available in TDF software?

Can I write my own formulas and run scanners for my formulas?

Will it be installed on my system or is it browser based?.

Does it require any other softwares? What is the configuration required?.

What is the pricing TDF software?. How can i buy this?

How much time will it take for installtion?.