T.D.F. Robot FAQ

Most probable questions related to TDF Robot are answered below. Please chat with our team for any other questions. You can also call us or mail us.

What is T.D.F. Robot?How it works?
T.D.F.Robot is a software made for auto trading of forex markets in MT4 platform.Many forex brokers provide MT4 trading platform to their clients free of cost.

T.D.F. Robot places entry , stoploss and exit orders and manages them as per our T.D.F.Software rules.
All the trading rules are explained in T.D.F.Manual page. 

Does it work in 4- digit broker and 5 - digit broker platforms?
Yes. It works in 4 – digit MT4 platform and 5- digit MT4 platforms.
T.D.F. Robot works on ECN and DD brokers also.

Does it trdae on crude, gold , silver , metals?
If your MT4 platform provides crude, gold,silver etc, T.D.F.Robot trades in all of them. 

How much profit can I make from this Robot?
It depends upon the capital you have in your MT4 account.T.D.F.Robot is programmed with strong
money management rules with medium risk profile.Medium risk profile means Robot will not risk more than
ceratain percentage of your trading capital at any point of time.

In our understanding of the forex market ,less than $ 5000 is low capital.
$ 5000 – 10000 is reasonable capital.
$ 10000 – 25000 is good capital to trade comfortably.
$ 25000 and above is excellent capital to make extraoridnay profits.

How to buy T.D.F.Robot?
Please visit T.D.F.Robot Subscription page . All details are clearly given in that page.  

There are many Robots in the market which are failed.How can I trust your Robot?
Yes. There are many Robots in the market.But those developers will never give you informaion about their trading system, entry and exit rules, money management etc.They will just show you one or two screen shots of successful trades and try to sell their product.

But you can see more than 3000 trades in our website that are generated from our T.D.F.Software .We are the the developers of T.D.F.Software and have been selling this software to many traders to trade stocks, commodities and forex.We have explained all the features of the software in the T.D.F. Manual .You can take a free live demo of our software . Please visit Free Demo page for this.

As T.D.F.Robot is new launch for us, we have uploaded some screnshots and videos .In future, we will add as many videos as possible and as many screenshots as possible in the website in coming months.See all the charts, screenshots, videos and take your decision.

We are offering two days free trial of our T.D.F.Robot for only real MT4 account holders.
Please visit http://www.niftyspecialist.com/T-D-F-Robot-Free-Trial.php for more details. 

Does your Robot work in two MT4 accounts at the same time with one license?
No, Our T.D.F.Robot works only with one MT4 account.You can have Robot installed only in one account .

If you wish, you can ask for deactivation of Robot and get it installed in other MT4 account at no extra cost.

Activation and deactivation takes atleast 6 hours after you place request to helpdesk@niftyspecialist.com.

New account can be of any broker account. 

Is it really possible to achieve 99% accuracy in forex trading?
Yes.It is possible with our special signals.. Our T.D.F.Robot will show you that in live markets. 

Why your T.D.F.Robot is costly?
Quality always comes with price.There are many losers in the market and a few are winners in all world markets including forex. So, winning everyday in the market is not cheap.  

In which timeframes does this Robot trade?Will it do scalping?
We do not disclose time frames.you need not worry about all technical things.Scalping can be doen by T.D.F.Robot
but our concentration will be to make good number of pips. Scalping trades may not be more than 10- 15 % of the trades.

What happens if power goes or internet discoonects?
You need not worry about this. T.D.F.Robot places entry, stoploss and exit orders with target price at the same time.
So, even if you power goes or internet disconnects , as all orders are already there in the system .So, all running ttrades will get closed either at the targets or at the stoplosses. But new trades will not get opened and trailing stoploss will not be changed.

If you take VPS service( virtual private server) , then there will be no problem for your account because of powerr failures
or internet disconnections.Some forex brokers are giving free forex VPS service , if you open account with them.
Otherwise you can take windows VPS with minimum configuration for almost Rs.600 per month( $ 10 per month).
With just small investment, your MT4 platform works continuously 24*7 , without any need of you logging in daily.

If you are a serious trader, we adivice you to take VPS service.

You can call us on (0)9908466066 or +91 9908466066 for any further details.Our skype id: Niftyspecialist. 

How will you install T.D.F.Robot on my system?tHow much time does it take to install after I make the payment.
T.D.F.Robot programme will be sent to ur mail id after your payment is realised.

Insallation instructions will be sent in the mail. If you can underrtand, you can install it or you can give your teamviewer id and password to our 24* 7 chating support team . They will install it within 5 minutes.  

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