T.D.F. Robot FAQ

Most probable questions related to TDF Robot are answered below. Please chat with our team for any other questions. You can also call us or mail us.

What is T.D.F. Robot?How it works?

Does it work in 4- digit broker and 5 - digit broker platforms?

Does it trdae on crude, gold , silver , metals?

How much profit can I make from this Robot?

How to buy T.D.F.Robot?

There are many Robots in the market which are failed.How can I trust your Robot?

Does your Robot work in two MT4 accounts at the same time with one license?

Is it really possible to achieve 99% accuracy in forex trading?

Why your T.D.F.Robot is costly?

In which timeframes does this Robot trade?Will it do scalping?

What happens if power goes or internet discoonects?

How will you install T.D.F.Robot on my system?tHow much time does it take to install after I make the payment.