Portfolio management services

In portfolio management service, we trade your account as per the signals of TDF software.

No advance payments and No monthly fees. Pay only from the profits generated.

Your account will be traded with strict trading rules and discipline.

So, Just leave the market tension to us and relax.Your account will grow while you enjoy your time.

Stocks, commodities or Forex, we have PMS service for all segments across many countries.

        Portfolio management service is available for 16 major world markets including Forex market.

This service is offered subject to the rules of regulator

For more details, please chat with our team.


Your account is traded by professionals exactly as per the rules of TDF manual. No advance payment is required. We charge our fee only after profits are generated.

We do not speculate and we do not take huge positions in one stock with your capital.  Strict money management rules are followed to reduce the risk.

We follow 3-5% risk per trade policy depending upon the signal strength. So, even if unexpected events happen , risk will be minimized.

There is no lock-in period. you can stop and restart service at any point of time.


Terms and conditions

You can have trading account with any broker. Just see that the brokerage is reasonable.

We charge  50% of the net profit as our fee.  Net profit means profit after deducting brokerage.

You can stop the service or reduce the capital for any emergency purpose.

In such cases, we are not responsible if any loss happens due to current positions  or margin shortages.