Most probable general questions are answered below. Please chat with our team for any other questions. You can also call us or mail us.

What kind of products/services do you provide ?

We provide technical analysis softwares, trading robots, advisory services and portfolio management services for stocks, commodities and Forex traders.

TDF Software is a technical analysis software. It gives you live buy and sell signals based on our proprietory trading system which gives you 99% accuracy if you follow DSL and MSL strategies.

For more information on TDF software, please visit TDF software and Software FAQ pages.

TDF Robot is a trading robot which trades your account automatically.

For more information of TDF robot , Please visits TDF Robot and TDF robot FAQ pages.

Who is the developer of T.D.F.Software and T.D.F. Robot? and T.D.F. Robot are owned by M/S TDF Technologies . T.D.F.Software and T.D.F Robot are developed by a team of technical analysts who have more than 10 years experience in trading. 

What are the payment methods.?
Many payment options are available like credit cards/ debit cards/netbanking/cheque /cash deposit/wire transfer /western union etc.
Please visit subscription page for more details and to make payment. 

I am not allowed to use Paypal in my country. How can i make payment?
Please chat with our team for other options. 

How much time will you take to activate my service?
Installations and activation will be done within 15 minutes. 

What to do after payment?
If you made payment through payment link or paypal, you will get mail from us regarding the activation within 15 minutes.
If you made payment by other methods like cash/cheque/western union etc, pls chat with our team for activation of services.  

Can I get refund of my payment?
Any payment made to us is non-refundable and non adjustable.
Please visit terms of use and make payment only after reading all points. 

Can i get personal training for TDF Software?
Yes . You can get personal training at our hyderabad office. Please visit Training page for more details.