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TDF X1 System

  • TDF X1 system is our best selling trading system since its launch in February 2020 and it is provided in mt4 platform.
  • Trade Nifty, Banknifty, stocks, commodities, Forex, cryptos and all global markets with X1 System which is 100% Rule based trading.
  • More than 90% accuracy for Day trading and Swing trading.
  • One time setup charges. Data and some minor charges applicable on monthly basis.
  • You are welcome to check X1 System accuracy in Live demo.


TDF X2 System

  • TDF X2 system is specially made for Banknifty and Nifty options and it is provided in mt4 platform.
  • Though it is made for Banknifty options, you can see excellent results in higher timeframes for all indices, stocks, commodities, Forex and cryptos.
  • It is simple system without many rules . But confirmation is required for every signal. Pls watch videos for correct understanding of "confirmation concept".
  • Provided on monthly/quarterly/yearly subscription basis.
  • You can check X2 System accuracy in Live demo.


Latest videos based on TDF X1 and X2 Systems

Trading system development

We can develop any kind of trading system for scalping, daytrading and positional trading with highest accuracy for individual traders, brokers and hedge funds.We have many profitable ready made systems available for sale.


Personal training is available to make you a perfect trader.Become a master trader and trade any market in the world with confidence and accuracy. Training is in live markets. Not on weekends which is useless. 


TDF Robots/Algo trading

  • TDF Robot was provided for Forex traders through trade copier service. But due to problem from copier service provider, we have stopped Forex Robot.
  • Looking for alternatives like octafx copier service and will soon launch Forex Robot service.
  • For Indian markets, we are planning for Algo trading and will update once we are ready.
  • But we always prefer manual trading and manual trading cannot be replaced by algos or formulas as there are limitations in programming languages and all trading rules and thoughts cannot be written as formuals.
  • You can register your interest in  Free trial  page. 


TDF Software

  • TDF Software is full fledged software launched in 2011 with built in trading signals like special signals and TDF Signals .
  • Because of higher Data feed charges from data vendors, we have programmed 60% logic of TDF Software signals into TDF X1 system which is provided in MT4 platform. MT4 platform comes with free data of Forex, cryptos, many global indices and stocks. 
  • Though TDF Software has higher pricing , it is being used many traders because of special signals and scanner facility.
  • You can watch our old videos to know more about this system.

TDF Supertrend System

  • TDF Supertrend system was provided by us before we launched TDF X1 System and still it is used by many traders because of its simplicity and accuracy.
  • This system can be added in trading view or MT4 platform or any other charting softwares where parabolic sar and Supertrend are available.
  • You can trade Nifty, Banknifty, stocks, commodities, Forex, cryptos and all global markets with this System and it is also 100% Rule based trading.
  • One time setup charges and no monthly fees for any indicators.
  • You can check Supertrend System accuracy in Live demo.


Watch the following training videos on TDF X1 System and TDF X2 Systems.

All training videos are provided in English, Hindi and Telugu.

Developing a trading system is not so easy. It took 4 years for us to develop X1 System.

So, watch all videos with patience to understand all points.

X1 System Training videos

 Training videos - English

 Training videos - Telugu

2(3)2 Strategy for X1 System

Investing with TDF Zones

Hindi videos (Nse & Mcx)

U.S.markets live trading

X2 System Training videos

 Training videos - Hindi

 Lessons from charts

Gap trading strategies

Trading psychology and Discipline

Telugu videos (Nse & Mcx)

Forex and cryptos live trading

Screenshots of TDF X1 system in  major world markets.












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Client Testimonials

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Recently I bought TDF X1 system for NSE,MCX and NCDEX.

I am getting more than 85% accuracy in nifty and banknifty.

Now I have basic version. Wish to go for advanced version very soon

I recommend all traders to take live demo and check the accuracy.

Manoj Agarwal Gujarat

I used many softwares before testing TDF software and I also took personal training .

I like the special signals with bull or bear formation and also direct signals.

I really appreciate the hard work done by your team to code the buy and sell signals with such accuracy.

Please try to automate the entire trading system into odin or nest platforms.

Karan singh New Delhi

I bought both TDF Software and TDF X1 system recently.

I trade Forex market and TDF X1 system is my favorite because I don't need to purchase data separately for this system.

TDF Software signals are also good but realtime data charges are heavy for me. Almost 80$ per month.

I suggest everybody to try TDF X1 system. TDF Software is better if you have good capital.

Stephen Newyork